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We cater to YOUR clients, you’ll thank us later.

EBB wants your next web design project to be a professional and pleasant experience. Our Atlanta web design services team believes that it’s critical our clients know we only work on one project at a time. There is not better way to guarantee personal interaction and customer satisfaction. EBB will assign a two person local team that will handle your project, it’s a one-to-one relationship during the entire design process. 100% American made by our in-house team of certified design experts with more than 10 years experience per web designer. We are building a better web one client at a time.

Utilizing our expertise in User Experience and Responsive web design best practices, we engineer websites that meets the exact needs of your target audience while enhancing your brand. Our proven process works and people enjoy the hands on approach. Are you a local Atlanta business? Our field sales team would love to meet you in person.

Call us old-fashioned but we still believe hand-crafted workmanship is the only way to build exhilarating websites your customers will appreciate. Keep in mind the original goal which is to build with “the user of the website” in mind. Our team of design experts create responsive and intuitive user interfaces guaranteed to provide a positive user experience. For more than ten years our team of passionate web designers have been developing Simple and Elegant websites that are uniquely hand-made for each client.

Important things we’ll cover during the website design process.

  • Branding : Perfecting your online image is critical.
  • User Experience : Identifying with your target audience requires research.
  • User Interface : Now we know what the users like, lets build them something engaging.
  • Coding : We begin the actual coding and adjust the design until it’s perfect.
  • SEO : Search marketing is mandatory if you want people to find you organically.
  • PPC : Pay-Per-Click ads brings in instant leads to kickstart the new website in addition to SEO.