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Our Philosophy:

We Don’t Just Sell Websites, We Grow Companies.

EBB takes pride in forming meaningful relationships with our clients, we become a direct asset to your organization. Our goal is to take your creative vision and transform it using state-of-the-art web technologies to create high profit business models. In order to achieve our goal we sincerely feel we need to get to know you on a more personal level regardless of the size of your organization.
Let us activate your brand, accelerate your online presence and increase profit.
100% American made – No outsourcing!
We cater to clients of all sizes offering a complete suite of digital business solutions. With over two decades of experience consulting with companies in dozens of vertical markets, from the SMB (Small-Medium-Business) to the Enterprise Fortune 1000, we have the expertise to lead your next web project. Our true passion is helping Start-Ups and small businesses achieve a commanding technical advantage through professional go-to-market digital strategies.

EBB Web Design is a national full-service digital agency with offices in:
Honolulu, Hawaii – Atlanta, Georgia – San Francisco, California.

Mission Statement:

As true entrepreneurs we help manifest your vision into a profitable online business model. We leverage the most current internet technologies to achieve maximum Return-On-Influence for your organization. Our success is only measured when we see your companies’ digital creation has been transformed into reality.

“Your investment in us is our future and our passion.”


Scott Jay Ringle

Scott Jay Ringle

Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer

As the visionary co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of EBB Web Solutions, Inc., Scott’s list of accolades is extensive and diverse. Mr. Ringle’s proven web technology & business development strategies are unique. He established his career in 1990 with the most prestigious Silicon Valley tech companies on the planet and never looked back.

With over 25 years in the Fortune 1000 Web Technology trenches Scott Jay Ringle is the visionary executive that has the requisite experience to fashion a fully integrated, high margin, digital business model for any vertical market.

Prior to co-founding EBB Web Solutions, Scott held executive and senior level management positions with several of the worlds top web technology firms. Mr. Ringle was circling the globe designing enterprise network solutions, positioning company hardware and software for global channel distribution, training sr. systems engineers for implementation strategies and forming multimillion dollar strategic alliances with other global technology firms.

Mr. Ringle was directly employed by these global technology pioneers holding Senior Management or Executive level positions: Cisco Systems, Google, Nortel, Alteon Web Systems, AirWave Wireless, 3Com, Bay Networks, AT&T, Pacific Bell, Radware, F5 Networks, and BitDefender. In addition, Mr. Ringle has played integral roles in gaining global mind-share toward acquisition status for two Fortune 1000 technology corporations.

Mr. Ringle attended San Diego State University with a discipline in Marketing & Financial Services combined with an influence in Marine Biology. However, his passion for non-linear mathematics and logarithmic equations, inherited genes from his father Jimmy Lee Ringle – Sr. Nuclear Engineer/Physicist, proved to be one of his largest assets as a true technology entrepreneur.

Scott has attained the following technology certifications from Cisco Systems and Google:

  • Cisco Systems Instructor Certifications: CCDS, CCNA, CCNP
  • Google AdWords Certified
  • Google Analytics Certified
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Don Carson

Don Carson


With over 20 years direct B2B experience, Mr. Carson specializes in helping web technology Pre-IPO corporations get traction as they go to market. Some of Dons’ strategies include Fortune 5000 strategic alliances, vertical market analysis and corporate mindshare national expansion best practices. Mr. Carson brings a plethora of knowledge to EBB Web Solutions as acting President and his extensive list of accolades are hard to summarize in this brief bio.

Prior to joining EBB Web Solutions, Don was circling the globe on many occasions with CEO, Scott Jay Ringle, working on joint projects with companies like BitDefender, IBM’s Tivoli Software division, Google, Microsoft, Compuware, BayNetworks and 3Com. In addition, Don branched off into the multi-billion dollar staffing industry to gain market share for mega corporations like Robert Half International and Spherion. Don also founded and gained VC funding for Carvechi (a boutique staffing agency) and 724 Solutions (formerly TANTAU Software).

Mr. Carson received his BA and MBA at Boise State University with a discipline in Marketing and Finance.

Cisco Certificate - Don Carson

Don has attained the following technology certifications:

CCDS, CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate )

Brookes L. Ringle

Brookes L. Ringle

Co-Founder / Chief Operations Officer

Co-founding EBB Web Design was second nature to Mrs. Ringle. With 12 years direct experience in B2B executive management combined with in-depth knowledge of digital marketing, web technologies and software development, Brookes has the requisite experience to produce an effective operations model for the corporation.

Brookes oversees the day-to-day operations of our multi-tier conglomerate. Specializing in Total Quality Management Best Practices she ensures extreme precision with regard to product launches, project management, software implementation and resource delegation.

Mrs. Ringle plays an integral part in our organization’s overall strategy and mission statement, as well as aligns personnel with company core objectives.

Her mindset is one of the cornerstones of our entire operation. Prior to co-founding EBB Web Solutions, Brookes deployed her unique management style with companies such as Satellite Labs and several Silicon Valley start-ups.

Brookes attended Loyola Marymount University (LMU) in Los Angeles with a discipline in Psychology, Computer Engineering and Computer Science.

Doug Guthrie

Doug Guthrie

Co-Founder / Sr. Vice President Design

With over 20 years of business experience and managing people and projects, Doug brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise and innovation to the design team at EBB Web Solutions. Doug oversees a talented group of individuals that work together as a team to bring our clients designs that not only appeal to the eye, but more importantly, convert sales. Our websites are not only designed to be visually pleasing, but also easy to navigate and keep visitors informed and interested.

Driven – that’s the best way to describe Doug’s leadership and the way he pursues perfection. We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch designs to all our clients, big and small.

The New York native is a graduate of Kent State University where he earned his Bachelors degree in Business Administration, with a major in marketing and has a degree in web design and development from Kennesaw State University. He has lived in the metro Atlanta area for the past 14 years and added video filming and editing to his resume while working independently for various media production companies.

Alex Pshenyanikov

Alex Pshenyanikov

Chief Technology Officer

With Over 15 years experience in software development, enterprise project management, network architecture design, systems engineering, enterprise web design and web application development Mr. Pshenyanikov is the acting Technology Officer at EBB Web Design.

Alex is the charismatic and seasoned leader of the EBB Web Solutions enterprise web development and mobile application division. Mr. Pshenyanikov’s team has overseen hundreds of complex development projects and his unique approach keeps even the most traditional of client eager to engage in his proven web technology development practices.

Alex founded two software development companies prior to joining E.B.B. including the power house mobile web application development firm 111 Minutes. He specialized in infrastructure process mechanisms that were used by the engineering teams to interact with clients. His customized project management system has become a famous methodology in our industry and is considered best practices by other development and engineering firms. The strength of the platform lies within its extreme flexibility when working with advanced development projects.

Some of Alex’s recent wins in the mobile development world include Xerox, Yamaha, and Jackson Hewitt and Car & Driver magazine. He personally takes care of all clients’ ideas and transforms them into functional, market dominating products.

Alex has a master’s degree in International Journalism and a number of technical awards.

PHP, SQL server, RoR, ASP.NET, xCode, Oracle, Cold Fusion, HTML5, CSS3, PhoneGap and much more.