Launching A New Website – Must-Know Elements Of An Effective Marketing Strategy

launching a new website

As experienced web designers, we know a well-thought out strategy and determining a company’s website needs is critical when planning to launch a new website. A website launch isn’t a one time occurrence, but more of a before, during, and after process. Not only is the element of design important, but content, marketing, technical logistics, and so on are also key factors. All of this probably sounds like technical jargon to business owners, but we’ll explain the various aspects of the “game plan” below.

The discovery phase. The initial research phase is critical in developing a website that will do its job and help you reach your intended goals. Who is your target audience, who are your primary competitors, what are the current trends in the industry, and how can you benefit or capitalize on areas in which your competitors may be weak? It’s important to know how your target audience behaves, what is driving current industry trends, and how to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Website creation and strategy elements. Basically, the design of your website should focus on how you can fulfill the needs of your target audience. Strategic elements to consider during this phase include content, conversions, social integration, and the internet environment. When it comes to content, is your website a thought leadership portal, one that offers resources, answers, and solutions, a catalog, or mix of all the above? How deeply do you want to get into social media in terms of engagement between potential or existing clients and your company? What exactly is the action you want users of your website to take and how can you prompt them to take that action?

The website launch! Finally, all of the discovery, brainstorming, analyzing, and determining what’s right for your company website is done, and your website is launched! Time to sit back and relax, right? Not so fast. It takes work to build a business, whether online or off. You have to stay relevant and connected, and closely monitor what strategies seem to be working well, and which ones maybe aren’t working so well.

To be successful online, simply launching a new website isn’t enough. Follow up marketing is essential, along with creation of fresh, informative content that will keep customers coming back. It’s also important to keep an eye on your competitors so you’re aware of any new tactics or changes they’ve made. Maintenance and marketing, two constants that continue long after website launch!

Sure it’s a lot to think about, but isn’t it worth the time and effort considering your business is your future?

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