Not All Digital Trends Will Make It In 2017 – Which Should You Be Wary Of?

digital trends

In the super fast-paced online marketing world, digital trends come and go – some are successful for years, others a flash in the pan. As an Atlanta business owner, it’s important to have a handle on which marketing trends may be on their way to a slow (or quick) death. It’s not far into the […]

Launching A New Website – Must-Know Elements Of An Effective Marketing Strategy

launching a new website

As experienced web designers, we know a well-thought out strategy and determining a company’s website needs is critical when planning to launch a new website. A website launch isn’t a one time occurrence, but more of a before, during, and after process. Not only is the element of design important, but content, marketing, technical logistics, […]

Social Media Marketing – 4 Key Benefits For Atlanta Businesses

social media marketing

Last week we talked about tips for success with social media marketing, but what are the most important benefits? As an Atlanta business owner there are countless reasons why you should invest time and effort into this marketing strategy, or even have someone who’s savvy do it for you, if you don’t have the time […]

Considering Social Media Marketing? Tips For Success

social media marketing

No doubt as an Atlanta business owner you already know social media is HUGE, regardless of whether your company participates or not. What do you hear on nearly every newscast each day? ‘Like’ us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Why is this? It’s simple – it works, and in more ways than you […]