Social Media Marketing – 4 Key Benefits For Atlanta Businesses

social media marketing

Last week we talked about tips for success with social media marketing, but what are the most important benefits? As an Atlanta business owner there are countless reasons why you should invest time and effort into this marketing strategy, or even have someone who’s savvy do it for you, if you don’t have the time or know-how. Yes, the benefits of social media marketing are THAT important – but what are they? We’ve listed what we believe are the biggest advantages below.

It’s super cost-effective and offers a great ROI. How many ways can you get in front of prospective clients for free? Social media is free in most cases, in regards to creating a profile and posting. If you do decide to try out paid promotions, you’ll see the cost is relatively low when compared to other paid advertising and marketing tactics! The return on investment really can’t be beat.

It’s a great way to increase brand awareness and visibility. All you need to get started is a profile on the social media platforms you want to use, then start engaging with others! Invite business associates, friends, family, and sponsors to “share” or “like” your page, and it can become viral because when one person shares, all of his or her friends and their network will potentially be exposed to your business! The informative, engaging content you share compels others to interact – building your reputation.

Social media marketing helps with SEO. While it doesn’t improve search engine rankings directly, integrating your target key terms and phrases into high quality content that followers will share definitely helps – especially when you make your business profile credible and intriguing through case studies, blogs, relevant industry news, infographics, and other content that influencers in your industry may find interesting and link back to!

Improved customer satisfaction. Customers want to be heard, and they want to see a real, human person behind your business persona. How better to accomplish this than through social media? You engage with followers and customers, responding when someone posts a comment on your page. People see that you’re attentive and genuinely care about your customers, whether they have a question, praise your product/service, or have a complaint. It clearly indicates that yours is a brand devoted to the satisfaction of your customers.

There are countless benefits social media marketing provides beyond this, including improved brand loyalty and increased brand authority, becoming a leader and industry influencer through thought leadership, and more. Are you ready to get started?

At EBB Web Design, our Atlanta social media marketing team is ready to help your business enjoy all of the benefits of getting social! Don’t get left behind in your competitors’ dust.