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Complete Web Strategy

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A well engineered design & marketing plan is a critical step that’s often overlooked in the initial process.

Planning a successful web strategy requires extensive experience and is the single most important step for any web project.

We don’t just build custom websites, we help grow companies. Our local web strategy team specializes in helping you translate your business concepts & technical requirements into interactive online business tools. We begin by listening to your overall concept. What’s your vision? Is it fully formed or just a great idea that needs assistance?

A well engineered website and digital marketing strategy are business “weapons” that can give your organization a commanding advantage. Our job is to make you feel comfortable explaining your ideas, we’re great listeners and we’re here to help. We offer technical consulting webinars to companies nationwide, call today 770-975-0024 Extension 203.

With almost two decades of experience engineering successful online business models for dozens of small companies, large corporations and start-ups, we will more than likely challenge your original concept.

Over the years we have changed, modified and enhanced countless initial business plans for the better. After a few rounds of “negotiation” our teams typically agree on a direction to take your concept. Don’t worry you’re still the boss, we think you will appreciate our knowledge.

User Experience Web Design

You’ve made it this far, now it’s time to map out the exact features of your project which is then written into a formal Feature Set document. This meticulously thought out document will be used as the blueprint for the entire project moving forward. The EBB team has a proven process that has been refined over countless successful launches . We remove the technical complexities associated with web design and marketing so we can get your ideas out to market quickly.